Exclusive test by MConsultingPrep. Kim Tran leveraged all insights and knowledge from his time with McKinsey.

A diverse case portfolio ranging from Music, Travel, Industrials, Food & Beverage, to even Entertainment.

11 Problem Solving Test questions and answer keys with detailed guides and business insights

Totally free of charge! This free sample gives you a glimpse of our official PST package.

"You guys do a great job in breaking down the test into different question types. I was able to isolate specific skills and logic to train myself. That makes all the difference! Haven't take the test yet, but I do feel much more prepared with your guides!"

− Ryan, Yale University

"I just took the free PST practice case on TOYO piano, it has certainly one of the more comprehensive and well written answer section of all the different practice tests I've done -great job"

− Han D, alumni @Princeton

"Dear MCP, I just passed the McKinsey PST. The material I bought from you was great! I'd go as far as to say that you have the best prep material available online."

− Philip S

This Problem Solving Test is given free of charge, you are welcome to share it with whomever is interested. Make sure you read carefully our guide on the Problem Solving Test! We suggest you print out this case and do it on paper!

A look behind the scenes

Study the business insights in various contexts, diverse in industry types, functions, and locations

7 months of breaking down, analyzing, and grouping patterns in the sample McKinsey tests

Thorough Quality Control of the test: big review committee of over 20 people. Members are past colleagues of Kim from McKinsey and past customers.

Roll out and continuously update: we place a very high priority on asking for customer feedback and continuously working on them. Even the smallest details count!


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