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Payment & Pricing

Payment methods

PayPal is the preferred payment method for our customers to send payments online securely using credit cards or bank accounts. If you don’t already have an account, Paypal still assists with easy steps. You can learn more about how to use PayPal.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is applied for:

(1) undergraduate students: 10% discount

(2) applicants from developing countries: 10% discount

(3) other hardship situations, e.g: parent lost job, debt, finance your own college education, etc.: up to 50% discount

Please submit for Financial aid  here .


For our ebooks

– All materials are in pdf files with protected passwords.

– An instruction email which includes passwords and download links of your purchased materials will be sent to you within a few hours.

– The download links will automatically expire in 05 days and the the maximum download attempts are 05 times. Feel free to contact us any time if you need to renew the them.

For our private videos

To access to the purchased videos, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Make sure you have a Google Plus account for your email address. If not, create your own Google Plus account here:

Step 2: Send us your email  so that we can add you to the private sharing list

Step 3: Sign in Youtube with your email and let’s study!

Refund Policy

How does it work?

Within 30 days from the date of purchase, if you do not succeed or our materials do not meet your expectation, please email to: [email protected] to request a refund up to 100% of the purchase price.

Question us!

How can you contact us?

Please feel free to contact if you need any support. Here are some ways that you can reach out to us:

– Leave a message on the bottom-left Live chat box

– Inbox us on our Facebook or LinkedIn page

– Comment on our Youtube videos

– Email to our support team: [email protected] or personally to Kim Tran: [email protected]

– Leave a comment on this page.

We will get back to you WITHIN 24H!

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