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Casual Cases

Casual Cases

Hi there,

A week agone, I got a awfully fascinating message from an anonymous customer through our Live chat system. It goes like this:

Hello, I completely love your website. The case interview videos are particularly useful, though I found them to be significantly centered on external, offer chain issues. I perceive these are the foremost necessary, however i used to be questioning how one would approach a case study concerning internal, long term, social consulting. for instance, internship programs are a key method that corporations attract prime talent and form their culture. however would you approach an interview question that asked you to make a framework for let’s say, an enormous tech company trying to attract the most effective developers through an internship program?


Put merely, what you were attempting to raise is: “How within the world do I take care of weird-topic cases?

* * *

There area unit such a lot of ways that a subject may be weird. Such as you said, a way is for it to be concerning internal & social topics. However there are others. A number of them are humourous actually. A few of my favorites:

  • How will my company beat the challenger … within the football game tournament?
  • How do our young executives get girlfriends?
  • How will BCG take McKinsey’s No.1 spot?
  • How am i able to eat more & not gain weight?

You might make fun of these, however there’s a true probability of you obtaining an informal case like this in real interviews.

So, what’s the strategy for acing them?

1/ Don’t panic, these cases actually are easier.

Why do I say this? Reason #1 is that the interviewer is maybe in a very sensible mood, that makes the full process much more tolerable. Reason #2 is that the interviewer in all probability doesn’t understand additional concerning the subject than you. Reason #3 is that these cases extremely subtract the difficulty of business knowledge and solely focus on mythology and creativity.

2/ Approach them with a significant and skilled manner as if this were a true business downside.

This somewhat looks like a game of pretend … but you’re expected to play it. The aim of casual cases is to clean away the difficulty of business content to specialize in your problem resolution and different soft skills. One in all those soft skills is professionalism, make certain you show it.

3/ Regarding content …

This is important.

The factor i actually love regarding case interviews and consulting downside resolution mythology is that it will be applied REGARDLESS of CONTEXT, CONTENT, & PROBLEMS.

If I struggle with weird cases, it’s not as a result of something’s wrong with this format. It’s in all probability one thing regarding my case interview mythology.

Here’s a noteworthy example of how consulting mythology will still be utterly applied to an off-the-cuff case:

To build this point even stronger, let me attempt effort your example of a reasonably unconventional case.

* * *

Problem: “a massive tech company making attempting to attract the most effective developers through an internship program”

Part 1: outline the matter / clarify objective:

  • How can we define “best developers”? the smartest and most ball-hawking ones or just the foremost appropriate for the job?
  • Is cash a crucial factor? will we tend to overspend to create the foremost impressive program attainable or can we have a rather tight budget?

Part 2: found out a structure:

There is more than a method to be right, but to me, this can be a good way to do it.

A excellent internship program should have sure characteristics betting on two 2 parties:

  • Branch (a): will the internship program supply worth those “best” (a.k.a: appropriate) developers’ desires?
  • Branch (b): is that the internship program one thing possible that the client will implement in a sustainable fashion?

* * *

When I tackle this instance, my mind process doesn’t amendment the least bit. If we are able to get to the point wherever any context, any case, any downside doesn’t trouble us regardless of what they are, … we are extremely in good shape!

I hope this article is useful to you. Comment below should you have any question or suggestion, ok?


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