There are 4 stages to learning anything:

  • Stage 1: You don’t know that you don’t know
  • Stage 2: You know that you don’t know
  • Stage 3: You know that you know
  • Stage 4: You don’t consciously realize that you know

So simply searching for stuff we don’t know is not enough. There are things we don’t know that we don’t know. Too bad this is what many of us do to prepare for Case Interview.We need a one-stop place that gives us a big picture. That’s exactly the role of this page. We won’t go too much into the specific content here, but this should act as a “home” and a “map” page for your Case Study Interview studying no matter where you are.

For beginners who don’t know where to start…

… This video is a must-see video that touches on the must-know basics and fundamentals.

For more advanced…

… this is a wonderful link map to our detailed articles on various Case Interview topics, neatly structured into their groups accordingly.

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