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MECE is a key principle for structuring and breaking down anything from problems, to ideas, to workstreams, etc.

This concept is highly important in the management consulting industry and therefore it’s really important in Case Interviews.

What actually is it? How do we use it in Consulting Case Interview? What are non-MECE examples in various settings? Can I do a practice problem on it?

All is included in the exciting and detailed video above! Feel free to comment on the video’s Youtube page!

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  • neillynguyen

    Wow I think this is a helpful video. I have replayed it for many time to really understand how the MECE is
    Thank you for your sharing, Kim Tran

  • Jason Chaw

    Well I think a lot of people kept discussing about MECE and how complicated it is. Your video is the most explicit tutorial I could find. Thanks alot Kim!

  • Linh

    I’m totally a beginner but I find this video and instruction not too difficult to understand. So excited to explore more about management consulting!

  • Lynn Phan

    mm I think the first 2 are overlapped and neither are the last 2, the middle one is not parallel with the other coz it’s an achievement not ability. Also there are 5 points which is too many

  • Emma

    GREAT tutorial! Very helpful insights. Thanks a lot Kim 🙂