"I tried LOMS of Victor Cheng but it seems to only tackle one part of the big picture. I knew something was missing but couldn't find out what it is. Now your E2E secrets package is the perfect answer for that."

− Yanling, Hong Kong

"I just passed the Case Interview at McKinsey! The materials I bought from you were very insightful. I'd go as far as saying yours was the best prep material on the Internet."

− Dave Rohl, Nottingham Trent university

"I've watched your videos on Youtube and I must say that they're terrific. I'm a great fan of yours and you're such an inspiration."

− Maria-Julia dos Santos

A balanced approach to study Case Interviews needs to equally tackle 3 important aspects:


“Look over my shoulder” as I conduct 5 highly interactive and educational case interviews. Video format with scripts and graphic. Rigorous feedback portfolio of over 100 mistakes!


Think and understand business like a great strategist! Comprehensive modules to improve every aspect of your business intuition (e.g.: how to draw sound frameworks, how to come up with creative solutions, etc.)


Thousands of practice math questions highly tailored to the Case Interview’s type of calculations. Never get frozen by a complicated word problem. Never get a calculation wrong.

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  • 5 actual case interviews with detailed feedback
  • 5 diverse and educational cases
  • over 100 feedbacks added
  • all in video format with intuitive illustrative graphics
  • PDF summarizes all common feedbacks


  • Framework drawing problems, Value Proposition questions, Market-sizing & Guesstimate questions with sample answers, Solution-needed bottlenecks (10 questions each)
  • 200+ Brain Teasers classified into types
  • Other complete illustrative cases
  • 700+ pages total from 8 eBooks


  • 1000 raw consulting-like practice calculations
  • 300 short context questions
  • 38 full context cases
  • 20 chart-based cases

Unique, more comprehensive, more detailed, and more intuitive than ANY other product on the market

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What’s included?

Case Interview Intuition

$ 99

60 questions
  • 60 case interview questions
  • 6 most popular question types
  • Answer keys and explanations
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Sharpen my Intuition

Tips and Techniques

$ 159

5 Original Video Cases
  • 5 real-life example videos
  • Easy-to-follow visual illustrations
  • Detailed feedback on performance
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Learn essential Tips

Comprehensive Math Drills

$ 133

All Math questions & cases
  • 300 short math questions
  • 38 quantitative cases
  • 20 chart drills
  • >1000 number calculation questions
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Enhance My Math Skills

Get Full Program with a limited Offer for only $359!