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[Book Review] Business Doctors – Sameer Kamat

[Book Review] Business Doctors – Sameer Kamat

As a former McKinsey consultant, I found it difficult to write even an email about work to my family, as the industry is too specialized and fast paced. Yet, Mr. Sameer Kamat managed to cook up a whole 700-page fictional book about a consultant’s life: “Business doctors ”. One of his greatest successes here, I must say, is to make consulting seem like a promising adventure.

Business Doctors

The one thing I love most about this book is the simple yet bizarre storyline. The incredibly indulging plot of this book can keep you amazed and eager to know more from the very beginning. An Ivy League educated management consultant, Michael Schneider, stumble upon a great professional challenge even after what he has been through in his 10-year consulting career: business advisor for an underworld organization. His client, WFB, is run by a typical gangster Mr. Woody, who seems clueless yet willingly to cooperate. As our heroic main character Michael goes through with WFB’s business, the story reveals many twists and turns, keeping the readers hooked till the very last page.

Humor and intended puns in this novel are pretty enjoyable too. The author never lets you go through too many informative pages without some slight touches of little inside jokes here and there. They would incredibly call out what the funniest friends of you would say in a situation like that. In particular, there are many characters built seemingly just for the sake of humor.

Personally, I found that the set of characters are very standardized to a heroic story: there is always 1 young brilliant hero (Michael Schneider), his funny sidekick (Martin), the hero’s mysterious forbidden love (Angie Woody), the dark side’s powerful boss who overwhelms everyone else but forfeits to our hero’s wit (Mr.Woody), etc.

If you are an MBA who is seeking a career in consulting, I would highly recommend this book as an entertaining read to understand more about the industry. It covers well some very common consulting concepts, project process, work disciplines and attitudes, etc that you may adopt to familiarize yourself with what consultants actually think and do. There are many articles out there about consulting jargons; yet I believe you would learn less reading them in 3 hours than spending 30 minutes on Business Doctors.

And if you ever worked as a consultant, I bet you will find this book as a very uniquely intriguing business case, and attempt to solve it along as Michael Schneider proceeds with his work, like what I actually did. Don’t want to spoil anything folks, but you will end up admitting that you know very little about the underworld as an industry!
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    Any idea on where I could find a soft copy?