Why we are here

Because we believe the market needs us!

We used to struggle a lot trying to get into consulting. And after successfully getting McKinsey offers, we found out that it is actually quite simple to make it to consulting. The difficulty does not totally lie in the content, but more on the study approach. We struggled more because we did not know where and how to start, not because we can’t learn the content.

Though other websites and blogs do a good jobs providing candidates many useful materials, there are much more to be asked. Our website will provide you useful information with the folowing characteristics.


You are told probably millions times the importance of being structured in case interviews. Very true, structure is the leading evaluation metric use by almost every consulting firm in its recruiting. So how in the world the prep materials for consulting are so unstructured? In this website, we develop a highly structured set of materials from top to bottom, in and out. At every bullet points, every paragraph, every page in our website, candidates can be easily aware of where they are on the overall site content.

Not being one-stop shop

Because websites do not do enough the job of leveraging contents of each other. End up, candidates have to manually searching site to site, not being sure they can gain a comprehensive set of content. In this website, we are not aspired to develop every piece of materials. Instead, we leverage other website’s contents and develop areas not being well covered. This allows us to be the one-stop shop for consulting prep solutions. All candidates get a structured, easy to navigate, and comprehensive gateway to all they need to know about consulting prep.

Contents from consultant authors

In some occasions, we found contents and materials of some website inaccurate and misleading. Further researches show that the authors never worked in consulting. Of course, candidates have no way to tell if a content is accurate or not since candidates also never worked in consulting.

What we believe

Everybody can make it to Management Consulting!

It is a terrible myth that only “smart” and “super-nature” people can make it to consulting. We are here to tell you and show you otherwise.

… as long as you believe and commit to work really hard, we will bring you your well deserved consulting offers!

Who we are

We are former McKinsey consultants who understand the management consulting industry inside out.

We are a team which understands the need of a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate one-stop-shop for consulting prep. We are a team of highly passionate entrepreneurs who commit to provide the best materials.

Outside of this project, we also involve in many other social projects, such as GocNhin (The Perspective) magazine.